belated irons in the fire update


I generally do these monthly updates for me as much as I do for you, the reader of my blog. I noticed I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused, and then I realized I hadn’t actually done an IITFU for February. Oops. So let’s go….

Alien. I’ve done a second draft of Isolation, which is with my editor. Still need notes from 20th Century Fox, who will review it once my editor finishes going over the second draft. I assume the book is still on track to be published in July.

Game tie-in novellas. This still hasn’t been formally announced yet, but I’m doing a series of serialized novellas to tie into a videogame. This week’s task is to revise the first of those novellas to account for some changes made to the still-in-development MMORPG based on the game world that I need to incorporate into the story. Right now I’ve got more than a dozen of these novellas plotted out, so this’ll keep me busy for a while.

Precinct series. Mermaid Precinct is done. Some copies were available at Farpoint, the eBooks have been sent to Kickstarter supporters, and the hard copies will go to KS supporters soon. I also have to do various rewards for the last three Kickstarters (sigh), and stuff. You can also get a Precinct story in Release the Virgins! And at some point I need to start writing Phoenix Precinct.

The Adventures of Bram Gold. A Furnace Sealed is out! You should buy it! And I will probably need to write Book 2 at some point………..

Tales of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet. The latest Cassie story, “Rán for Your Life,” has been accepted for the anthology Unearthed, edited by Kara Dennison for Alitrix Books. I’ve also got a handshake agreement with Plus One Press to do a second collection, to be entitled Ragnarok and a Hard Place. It will include the as-yet uncollected stories “Down to the Waterline,” “Fish Out of Water,” “William Did It,” “Seven-Mile Race,” “Behind the Wheel,” and “Rán for Your Life,” with more besides.

Super City Cops. I’m under contract to do four novellas for Falstaff Books, which I’ll be writing at some point this year.

Collaborative thrillers. Agent is flogging the first of these thrillers, and I’m plugging away at the second. I’ve also agreed to write two more after that with my collaborator.

18th Race. Also plugging away at the third book in the trilogy by David Sherman. David wrote the first two and outlined the third, but is unable to finish it due to health reasons (nothing life-threatening, worry not), so I’m finishing the book based on that outline.

Various short stories. I’ve been invited to eight anthologies recently. Besides the above-mentioned Unearthed, there’s also Brave New Girls: Adventures of Gals & Gizmos, Thrilling Adventure Yarns, In Harm’s Way, Footprints in the Stars, a Predator anthology, a Beatles anthology, and next year’s Crazy 8 Press anthology. I’ve written the stories for the first three (respectively, “Rán for Your Life,” “The Silent Dust,” and “Alien Invasion of Earth!”), and I have to write the other five by, respectively, early March, the end of April, and early next year three times over.

Nonfiction. Still reviewing Discovery each time a new episode drops, still writing other things for both and Patreon, and still doing the great superhero movie rewatch.


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