a nice review of Honor Bound


Back in 2003, the Star Trek: I.K.S. Gorkon series debuted, a set of books I did that took place on a Klingon ship, a crew I’d showcased in two prior novels. The series didn’t ultimately last all that long, but Dan Gunther of the Trek Lit Reviews site (having reviewed the first book, A Good Day to Die, back in January, not to mention the crew’s debut in 2001’s Diplomatic Implausibility last August), have now reviewed Book 2 in that series, Honor Bound.

Money quote:

The I.K.S. Gorkon series continues to surprise and delight in book 2. As I have said in other reviews, I was initially skeptical about a series that focused mainly on Klingons and not on the Federation, but I am very glad to have been proven wrong. This series is a heck of a lot of fun to read, and gives readers the chance to see the Star Trek universe from a different perspective. The crew of the Gorkon is every bit as diverse and interesting as a Starfleet crew would be, and anyone who enjoys good Star Trek stories that are told very well would be well-served to pick up this series.

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