4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Flash


We jump back to 1990, and a pilot for a TV show that Warner Bros. greenlit after the success of 1989’s Batman: The Flash starring John Wesley Shipp in the title role. The pilot had issues mainly with its bad guy, but it had some joys and an unusually high number of hits to the original comic book for the time. The great superhero movie rewatch runs with The Flash.

An excerpt:

This movie in particular is a strong origin. I like that they kept Mike Baron’s use of the likely consequences of running fast all the time on one’s biology, and I especially like that they brought McGee over from the comics. Amanda Pays is always wonderful, and her chemistry with John Wesley Shipp is relaxed and delightful. (The same cannot be said for Shipp and the wooden Paula Marshall, whose Iris was never seen again after this.) It’s too bad that Tim Thomerson was specifically created to be killed to motivate Barry (sigh), as Shipp and Thomerson have excellent brotherly banter going on.

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