Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Project Daedalus”


An episode that answers some questions and raises a bunch more, plus some very strong performances all around. And I still don’t know how I feel about the ending. My look at the latest Star Trek: Discovery episode, “Project Daedalus.”

An excerpt:

That was just the latest emotional beating Burnham took in this episode, as she and Spock hash things out in her quarters over a game of three-dimensional chess. We see that Burnham’s tragic flaw—her insistence on taking on all burdens to herself, whether she actually should or not—goes back to her childhood. Spock points out that the logic extremists targeting Sarek would not be ameliorated by Burnham’s departure, as Spock’s very existence is what put the bull’s eye on them.

Ethan Peck and Sonequa Martin-Green play the scene beautifully, as these two hurt each other in ways that only siblings can. What I especially like is that Peck plays Spock as calm but with the emotions brimming near the surface, while Martin-Green plays Burnham both the same and differently, as her emotional outbursts are much closer to the surface, but her calm is also greater. I also like that Peck’s anger and bitterness gets turned up a notch when the subject of Sarek comes up.

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