table of contents for Unearthed, including a new Cassie Zukav story!

The fine folks at Altrix Books have announced the table of contents for Unearthed, their upcoming anthology of stories about sarcophogi and tombs and other mysterious objects that are, well, unearthed. One of the stories is a new tale of Cassie Zukav, weirdness magnet.


  • “Disinfection Protocol” by Michael O’Brien
  • “The Sarcophagus: Or, Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, and Tremble” by Graham Tedesco-Blair
  • “Hearing Things” by Meredith Peruzzi
  • “Rán for Your Life: A Tale of Cassie Zukav, Weirdness Magnet” by Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • “The Jar of the Alabaster Assassin” by Paul Driscoll
  • “Long Time Dead” by John Peel
  • “Quadrireme” by James K. Maddox
  • “In the Heart of the King” by Richard Gurl
  • “Whose Cuisine Reigns Supreme?” by Sharyna Tran
  • “Raffles the Amateur Cracksman: An Egyptian Cameo” by James Bojaciuk
  • “Was I a Viking Old?” by I.E. Kneverday
  • “Kill the Cat: A Story from the Owl’s Flower Pantheon” by Kara Dennison (who also edited the anthology)

The anthology will have illustrations by Ginger Hoesly, Sophie Iles, and Monica Marier.

This is the first time I’m in an anthology with the great John Peel, who is an old and dear friend, and I’m also thrilled to be once again being between the covers with Meredith Peruzzi, who is even dearer (this is her second published fiction, her first being in Altered States of the Union in 2016).

More to come soon, including a cover and pub date………….



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