down and safe


I have returned from a generally excellent Planet Comic-Con, marred only by it being the second convention in a row where copies of A Furnace Sealed failed to materialize.

However, the books that did arrive all sold, and by the time I had to go catch my flight Sunday, I had moved all five Precinct books, Without a License, and Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War, and many copies of Nights of the Living Dead. I got to hang out with some friends, both old and new (including fellow Trek world-slingers Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore, as well as my fellow Bard’s Tower denizens Mario Acevedo, Michelle Cori, Larry Dixon, Brian Lee Durfee, Mercedes Lackey, Aysha Rehm, Alexi Vandenberg, and Dan Wells), and meet lots and lots of fans, including several people who are big fans of my work.

On top of that, I had some fine food (yes, including some barbecue, because duh, Kansas City) and excellent beer. And I got Wrenn a new Tentacle Kitty to go with the dozens of others in the house.

Now it’s time to buckle down, as I have three projects all competing for my time. Today, though, I’m going to get the rewatch of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice done, as well as the usual Monday afternoon karate teaching………………


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