my HELIOsphere 2019 schedule


I will once again be an author guest at HELIOsphere 2019 in Tarrytown, New York, happening this weekend in the city by the Tappan Zee (or, rather, the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, one of the few bridge renamings I’m okay with).

I’ll be spending much of my time at the eSpec Books booth pushing my books (particularly new releases A Furnace Sealed and Mermaid Precinct). I’ll also be doing programming:


3.30-4.45pm: reading, w/Ken Altabef, Nicholas Kaufman, and Ryk Spoor (Ballroom 4)

5-6.15pm: “Crossing Genre Boundaries,” w/James Chambers, Roberta Rogow, Darrell Schweitzer, and Cecilia Tan (Ballroom 5)



11.30am-12.45pm: “The Anniversary Year Panel,” w/Ken Gale, Daniel Kimmell, Barbara Krasnoff, and Darrell Schweitzer (Ballroom 1)

4-5.15pm: “Shared Universes: Your Bridge Derailed My Plot,” w/Russ Colchamiro, Bjorn Haessler, Elektra Hammond, and Walter Hunt (Ballroom 4)

7-9pm: Epic Book Launch Party, featuring the launch of Three Chords of Chaos by James Chambers, The Redcaps’ Queen by Danielle Ackley-McPhail, and my own Mermaid Precinct (Grand South)

9-10pm: Books ‘n’ Brews (Ballroom 6)



11.30am-12.45pm: “The Extraordinary Voyages of Deep Space Nine,” w/Laura Antoniou, Russell Handelman, and Susan Shwartz (Ballroom 2)


Looking forward to seeing folks there!


2 thoughts on “my HELIOsphere 2019 schedule

  1. Great to hear. That said, any updates to those pre-orders of Mermaid Precinct? (I’d be glad to buy the book again (hoping to get it in hand before June general release).

    • Working on it. There are cash flow issues interfering, plus my publisher having recently had surgery. But it will happen before the official pub date.

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