Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Perpetual Infinity”


It’s a mother-daughter reunion that the daughter never expected and that the mother is trying to avoid. Lots of revelations, but also lots more questions on an emotionally brutal episode of Discovery. Click on this paragraph for my review of “Perpetual Infinity.”

An excerpt:

Michelle Yeoh has magnificently played Georgiou this season, trying very hard to be the bad-ass Section 31 officer, but also genuinely concerned for Michael Burnham’s welfare, seen most aggressively last week when she objected to the plan to kill Burnham to lure the Red Angel, and later when she tried to end the experiment and was stopped only by Spock’s phaser.

After talking to Gabrielle, and hearing her use the same phrasing she heard from Leland’s mouth with regards to Control, she recruits Tyler to help her betray Leland, and it’s Tyler who discovers that Control has taken over the captain. Control stabs Tyler, and only doesn’t finish him off because he’s in the opening credits—er, that is, because he discovers that the data transfer Georgiou surreptitiously started on its behalf has been cut off by Georgiou herself.

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