4-Color to 35-Milimeter: Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice


Well, it’s better than Man of Steel, but only in the sense that root canal is better than gallbladder surgery. We get a good Batman and a great Wonder Woman, but the filmmakers still completely screw up Superman. The great superhero movie rewatch slogs through Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

An excerpt:

But aside from his rescue of Lane in Africa (which was a setup by Luthor to make Supes look bad) and his saving of the little girl in Mexico, we don’t actually see Superman be a hero. He’s only been around for eighteen months, but David S. Goyer, Chris Terrio, and Zack Snyder present it as if he’s been a hero for a long time, counting on the character’s pop-culture footprint to fill in the blanks.

Except it doesn’t work here because we don’t have a Superman who’s been around since 1938, we have a Superman who’s been around for eighteen months, and who introduced himself to the world by levelling two cities. The opening of the movie does a certain amount of work to provide a human cost to the carnage of Man of Steel, which is too little too late, though the effort is, at least, appreciated. And then we’re told that Superman’s a hero now, but we don’t see any of what he’s actually done in a year and a half. And that’s not a long enough time for him to be as lionized as he is.

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