Monday music: “Women with a Y”

Back in the 1980s, a nifty folk trio called Uncle Bonsai got together. I first heard them on Vin Scelsa’s old “Idiot’s Delight” radio show, and I actually got to meet them and interview them for the paper when I was at Fordham University in 1988 and they played the Bottom Line. I’ve remained a big fan of their work, though I do need to catch up on their most recent work.

In any case, here’s one of their best songs, “Women with a Y.” The title riffs on the notion that was first floated in 1976 of taking the word “man” out of “woman” by substituting a Y for the A in the word. But it’s also a brilliantly written song, in particular for this verse:

Mary was a martyr, Mary must have been a martyr

‘Cause her God in all His wisdom wouldn’t look her in the eye

So he took her and he left her with some jackass in a stable

While he boasted of the conquest to the other holy guys

So the man takes his position

With the woman in submission

‘Cause the Bible says that’s how they do it here

And the woman falls from favor

All because some horny savior

Showed that men can come just once and disappear

That’s one of those verses that I listen to and read and just am in awe. And I write words for a living!

Anyhow, here’s the whole thing…..

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