4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman


I forgot to do this last week, too, soooooooooo…….

The DCEU continues with two films, one of which deals with the fallout of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the other of which gives the background of that movie’s best supporting character.

The first is yet another dank, dark movie, and one that establishes the Suicide Squad as one thing (an expendable covert ops strike team) and then writes them as something else (a normal superhero team), which negates the whole point of even doing the Squad in the first place.

The second is a lovely examination of the life of Diana of Themyscira. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s a very strong and powerful movie that is inspiring and full of magnificent performances, marred only by a bog-standard climax.

An excerpt:

With this movie, we finally get a good live-action female-led superhero comic-book movie and a good DCEU movie, and it’s about fucking time. In particular, for the first time in this particular cinematic cycle, we have a movie that remembers that the world has color in it. While Zack Snyder’s fetish for browns, blacks, and grays in his cinematographical choices are easy to blame, it should be pointed out that Suicide Squad was almost entirely in grayscale as well, with most of the action taking place at night, in the rain, or in a city that was covered in a literal cloud of evil. Here, at last, we have colors, and it’s amazing! From the tropical sunlight on Themyscira to the red-white-and-blue of Diana’s outfit—which we don’t really get a good look at until that crowning moment of awesome when she goes over the top—it’s a bright, beautiful movie.

Gal Gadot continues her superlative work. After being one of the few bright spots of Dawn of Justice, here she gives us a Wonder Woman who is strong, passionate, compassionate, a bit naïve (though the movie is about her getting past that), brilliant, and happy. She is a person who takes absolute joy in life, and is fervent in all her passions, whether it’s something as minor as seeing a baby or as unexpected as being able to break stone and metal with her bare hands or as major as walking across “no-man’s land” to save a town.

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