I say it’s my birthday

Today was as good a birthday as you could hope for.

It started with getting the page proofs and contract for Thrilling Adventure Yarns from editor Bob Greenberger. I printed, signed, and scanned the contract and e-mailed the scan back to Bob, who then sent me the payment for the story via PayPal.

Then I went to lunch with Wrenn, all four parents, and the Godmommy at Serendipity 3, one of my favoritest restaurants, where I had a foot-long hot dog (with bacon and also French fries on the side) and a hot fudge sundae with cookies & cream ice cream for dessert.

Then I had to teach my usual Thursday afterschool, where the kids wished me a happy birthday several times (these are four- five- and six-year-old kids, mostly, who are never happier than when they’re repeating themselves….). I drove home through Fort Tryon Park and enjoyed the view there, and also had a lovely phone call with Meredith.

I went to the dojo for class, and afterward Shuseki and two other black belts took me out to dinner at Palace of Japan, which was wonderful as always.

I came home from that to find that Wrenn, the most wonderful wife in the world, baked me a cake! It was a pound cake with yummy chocolate frosting, and it was the perfect ending to the day, especially since I ate the cake while watching the season finale of Star Trek: Discovery (look for my review on Tor.com tomorrow).

Happy birthday to me!



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