Star Trek: Discovery‘s “Such Sweet Sorrow” Parts 1-2


Forgot to do this last week, but luckily these last two episodes were a two-parter.

First, Star Trek: Discovery sets up a slam-bang finale with some benedictions, a Short Treks character returning, and some powerful emotional moments. Then we actually get the slam-bang finale, which is full of sound and fury and signifies quite a bit, though the ending goes a little too far in correcting perceived flaws in the show.

An excerpt:

While everyone’s running around getting ready for the big fight against Control’s Section 31 ships, we get lots of conversations and recorded messages, and these are where the episode shines. The plots may not always make sense, the science may be pulled directly out of the writers’ posteriors, but dammit, the character moments on this show land. Tilly’s reunion with Po, Michael’s farewell to Sarek and Amanda (whose presence on the ship makes no sense, but whatever), Pike’s benediction to the crew before returning to his proper command on the Big E, the meeting to discuss the crazy-ass plan, Po brainstorming (pausing to inform Georgiou that as queen, she made it a law that she doesn’t have to put up with any snark), Culber and Stamets showing that they’re each moving on with their lives, Reno volunteering to touch the time crystal and see visions of the future in order to facilitate the charging-up process (before leaving her to it, Stamets reassures her that he still doesn’t like her, and she smiles and says the feeling’s mutual), Georgiou bitching out Burnham for volunteering to go to the future all by herself (Burnham tartly declares that, if they survive all this, then Georgiou can talk to her about her “gaping character flaws”), and so on. Oh, and that great moment when Georgiou tells Pike who she really is and where she’s really from, and Pike makes it clear that he already knew. Because he’s just that awesome.

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