me and Chuck Wending are Fantastic Fiction’s June readers!


The monthly “Fantastic Fiction” reading series has been going on at the famous KGB Bar on E. 4th Street in the East Village area of New York City for twenty years now. Originally curated by author Terry Bisson and the late great editor Alice K. Turner, these days the reading series’ caretakers are editor Ellen Datlow and author Matthew Kressel. It happens on the third Wednesday of every month, and admission is free!

I’ve been to many a KGB reading in my time, but in June 2019 I finally get to be one of the featured readers! On the Wednesday the 19th of June, Chuck Wendig and I will do readings from our new works, him from Wanderers, me from A Furnace Sealed (I know they’re using Mermaid Precinct for publicity, but it’s an NYC reading, I wanna read the NYC book).

Hope to see folks at KGB at 7pm on the 19th!

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