4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Losers


The 2003 Vertigo comic book The Losers was a great comic written by Andy Diggle, partly (albeit minimally) inspired by the 1970 DC war comic story also called “The Losers.” The Vertigo comic was adapted into a film in 2010 with a mostly great cast, but is a generally poor adaptation, where the best parts are the ones that adapted the comic faithfully, and the biggest flaws derive from changes to the cynical original. The great superhero movie rewatch looks at The Losers.

An excerpt:

More generally, one of the appeals of The Losers comic was that it was a cynical, nasty commentary on U.S. foreign policy, going back to the Reagan era, with particular emphasis on the way 9/11 skewed everything. The villains of the comic were the U.S. government, the CIA, and the large corporations in general and Goliath in particular. The movie has none of that, sticking with Max as the Evil Bad Guy with very little of the CIA or the government or Goliath (beyond Jensen’s data theft). It turns the brutal commentary of the comic into a boring fight against a virtual super-villain.

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