my schedule for Shore Leave 41


As I have every year this millennium, I will be a guest at Shore Leave 41 at the Hunt Valley Inn in Cockeysville, Maryland, just north of Baltimore. I’ll be doing my usual programming, including a Boogie Knights concert Saturday morning, Meet the Pros Friday evening, and other keen stuff. And I’ll be putting in time at the eSpec Books booth as well.

Here’s the schedule:


6-7pm: “Writing for Themed Anthologies,” w/Mike McPhail, Susan Olesen, Joshua Palmatier, and Hildy Silverman (Belmont)

10pm-midnight: Meet the Pros, w/the entire gang of author guests (Hunt/Valley corridor)


11am-noon: Boogie Knights concert (Hunt/Valley)

12-1pm: “Star Trek: Discovery Season 2,” w/Rigel Ailur, Dave Galanter, Amy Imhoff, Dayton Ward, and Howard Weinstein (Salon A) — I will be late for this, as it’s right after the concert, and I’ll need time to break down my percussion and change

1-2pm: “Batman Turns 80,” w/Christopher L. Bennett, Greg Cox, Russ Colchamiro, and Glenn Hauman (Salon E)

3-4pm: “Captain Marvel,” w/Rigel Ailur, Hildy Silverman, and Laura Ware (Salon E)

4-5pm: “Self-Defense 101” (McCormick Suite)

6-7pm: “Meeting eSpec Books,” w/Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Christopher L. Bennett, Robert Greenberger, Mike McPhail, and Dayton Ward


Strangely, I have no programming on Sunday. I’ll probably be spending the day relaxing, and/or being at the eSpec booth and/or doing an autographing at the Novel Spaces booth.

Hope to see folks there!


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