a most excellent KGB Fantastic Fiction reading with the mighty Chuck Wendig


Last Wednesday, KGB Fantastic Fiction hosted me and Chuck Wendig reading from our latest books. It was a delightful evening, with the KGB Bar filled with people, and lots of folks promising to order/preorder our books.

I went first, reading most of Chapter 5 of A Furnace Sealed. While I have two new novels out this year, I thought it made more sense to read from the book that takes place in New York City at an NYC reading than the high fantasy police procedural Mermaid Precinct.

After a brief break, Chuck read the opening from his forthcoming novel Wanderers. Chuck is an amazing writer, and an awesome reader, and now I’m dying to read his novel.


We had a wonderful time, and some people bought books, and then we had a great dinner afterward, and a good time was had by all.

While Chuck and I knew each other through online interactions, mostly on Twitter, we’d never met until last week, and he’s as much a delight in person as he is on Twitter and on his brilliant blog. (If you don’t read Terrible Minds, you totally should.)

There will be audio of the reading on the KGB Fantastic Fiction site very soon……..

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