4-Color to 35-Millimeter: R.I.P.D.


It was a fun comic book in 2001, turned into a mediocre movie in 2013, despite the presence of Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, Mary-Louise Parker, and Kevin Bacon. But it does have a Robert Knepper moment! The great superhero movie rewatch suffers through R.I.P.D. so you don’t have to…

An excerpt:

It’s frustrating, because the pairing of Bridges and Reynolds should’ve been comedy gold. Instead, it is comedy pyrite.

At least the supporting cast is fun. Kevin Bacon puts on a Southie accent and is delightfully evil as Hayes. Mary-Louise Parker provides deadpan awesomeness as Proctor. James Hong and Marissa Miller do a wonderful job channeling Reynolds and Bridges (hearing Pulsipher’s cowboy aphorisms come out of Miller’s mouth is hilarious, and nobody ever went wrong casting Hong in anything). And it is a true joy to see Robert Knepper bringing the nervous sleaze as a deado.

This movie is trying oh-so-very-hard for a Men in Black meets Ghostbusters vibe, but without any of the verve and wit that made those movies enjoyable, instead being more like Men in Black II meets Ghostbusters II. None of it works, as Pulsipher is a low-rent K, Walker is a low-watt J, Parker is a little too much Zed, and the deados transforming into monsters are all pale copies of Vincent D’Onofrio doing the bug in an Edgar suit.

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