my review of Spider-Man: Far from Home is on Patreon


My take on Spider-Man: Far from Home is up on my Patreon. Here’s a tease…..

Throughout his comics history, Peter Parker has sometimes been at a low ebb and given up the mantle of Spider-Man, most famously in the historic “Spider-Man No More!” tale in Amazing Spider-Man #50 (which Sam Raimi did a version of in 2004’s Spider-Man 2). Far from Home does a lovely job of riffing on that—Peter doesn’t actually give up being Spider-Man, but he does hand off Stark’s legacy, as those are jet-powered boots he doesn’t feel worthy to fill. He’s just a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, not a guy who saves the world. (Of course, he tries that argument with Nick Fury, whose response is epic: “Bitch, please, you’ve been to space!”)

If you want to read the whole thing, you need to be a supporter of my Patreon at $1/month (or higher). Cheap at half the price!


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