happy book birthday to Alien: Isolation!


Today is the official on-sale date for Alien: Isolation! Taking place between Alien and Aliens, Isolation is the story of Amanda Ripley, Ellen’s daughter, a 25-year-old technician who is trying to find out what happened to her mother, who went missing on the Nostromo fifteen years earlier. A lead takes her to Sevastopol Station, but while the station holds Ripley’s secrets, it also holds a Xenomorph that is determined to kill everything in its path…

Based on the 2014 videogame, my novel also includes detailed backstory on both Ellen and Amanda Ripley, giving the background of one of the most compelling heroes of science fiction film.

The book is out in mass-market paperback and eBook, and it should be available at your local bookstore, and also online from the usual book purveyors: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, Kobo, Powell’s, or Forbidden Planet. There is also an audiobook available for preorder — it’ll be released on the 13th of August. EDITED TO ADD: The audio is now available, too!

Happy book birthday to me!

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