a plea to help the people of Laos

As we have every year for the last several years, Wrenn and I are doing the Great International Scavenger Hunt, a.k.a. GISH, run by the Mighty Misha Collins (the guy who plays Castiel on Supernatural). While the general point of the hunt is to bring a little weirdness into the world, a big part of GISH is charitable things, from minor to major.

This year, GISH has teamed up with photographer Giles Duley to help the people of Laos, who have hundreds of unexploded mines in their country, and which need to be cleared out as, five decades after they were placed, they’re still going off unexpectedly and killing people.

Please if you can donate anything, it would be greatly appreciated and might save a life. This particular link is the one from our team, InevitableMeta, but any donation is a worthy one.

Thank you!

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