GISH 2019 over and out

Once again, Wrenn and I participated in the Great International Scavenger Hunt, a.k.a. GISH, hosted by the magnificent Misha Collins (best known as the guy who plays Castiel on Supernatural). We were part of Team Inevitable Meta (a combination of two previous teams that didn’t have enough members individually this go ’round), and we did a bunch of cool things. (Here’s what we did in 2018, 2017, and 2015. I also participated in 2014, but didn’t do a blog post on it. We skipped 2016 due to having to move.)

GISH is designed to make the world a weirder place, and there are also lots of compassionate and charitable things — but most of the 200+ challenges are just plain silly, which is part of the fun.

Here’s what Wrenn and I did as our contributions to Team Inevitable Meta (all together, we as a team submitted 57 items, which is about a fourth of the list, which is pretty dang good, considering)…..

Item 17: Trip the light fantastic. Literally.

So I tripped over a light labelled “FANTASTIC!” Can’t get much more literal than that……

17 -- Trip the Light Fantastic

Item 30: The recorder is an under-appreciated instrument, with roots in ancient times. The depth of its mythical sirenic tones are magical and hypnotic. So what better place to play this divine woodwind than amongst the most beautiful sites in the world? Play the Kansas song “Carry on, Wayward Son” at sunset on a recorder, overlooking one of the following: the Grand Canyon (Arizona, US), Angkor Wat (Cambodia), Machu Picchu (Peru), Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal (India), the Colosseum (Italy), Iguazu Falls (Brazil), Stonehenge (UK), Egyptian Pyramids or the Sphinx, Tikal (Guatemala), Angel Falls (Venezuela), Atacama Desert (Chile), Arashiyama Bamboo Grove (Japan), The Azores (Portugal), Boulders Beach (South Africa), Cappadocia (Turkey), Cliffs of Moher (Ireland), Disko Bay (Greenland), Lake Tekapo (New Zealand), Na Pali Coast (Hawaii, US), Sagrada Familia (Spain), Eiffel Tower (France), Reynisfjara (Iceland), Trolltunga (Norway), Ubud (Indonesia), Sydney Opera House (Australia), Banff National Park (Canada), Niagara Falls (New York or Ontario), Yellowstone (Wyoming), El Capitan (Yosemite), Statue of Liberty (Liberty Island), Eilean Donan Castle (Scotland), Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany), Matterhorn or Zermatt (Switzerland), or Chichen Itza (Mexico).

We chose the Statue of Liberty, obviously, and while we couldn’t go to Liberty Isle itself (it closes at 5, and sunset isn’t until 8.15), we were able to overlook it anyhow from Battery Park. I’ve been playing the recorder since I was five, so playing “Carry on, Wayward Son” was a piece of proverbial cake…..

Item 78: The Enterprise wasn’t the only vehicle in the not-so-final frontier. Show us Star Trek covered wagons. Tweet your image to @WilliamShatner with the message, “Admit it, Bill. This is how you really voyaged.”

Wrenn put this one together. Here’s the tweet:

Here’s the wagon she put together. Since Louie was trying to “help,” she decided to incorporate him into the piece, figuring they’re re-creating “Catspaw”…..

78 conestoga wagon enterprise final

Item 98 was the traditional team image. In this case: The hot new trading card battle game is GISHémon! Create a trading card for each of your team mates with their photo and stats (location, Gisher type, powers, etc.) as the powerful kindness monsters they are. We must see each teammate’s unobscured face for it to count.


Item 130: A cyanotype photo of junk-food wrapping or junk-food.

Wrenn made a cyanotype of Twizzlers, Swedish fish, and gummy bears to make a pretty couple of flowers!

130 - cyanotype

Item 135: The aliens have been in Area 51 for decades. Why do they stay? Because of all the amenities, of course. Show us the leisurely life of aliens at Area 51: the best Retirement Community in the Universe! We want to see elderly aliens playing shuffleboard, mahjong, and bingo, getting alien spa treatments, doing tai chi and pilates… You get the idea. Post your submission to social media tagged #GISH, #Area51 & #SocialSecurityCheXFiles.

Here’s the Tweet:

Here’s the original picture. We live near a park that has an actual bocce ball court and we own a set of bocce balls, so we did our elderly aliens playing that, also using Dale’s old walker.

135 -- Area 51 retirement home

Item 154: It’s GISH University, Year 2! Each person on your team must attempt to learn a new skill they have never tried before and document the experience, including the first attempt.

We only had a minute-and-a-half to show all this, and we had more than a dozen people on the team, but we did our best to show our new skills. In my case, it was a third-degree black-belt kata that I’m still learning.

Item 159: Right a great American novel. This is not a typo.

I went with Moby-Dick, which many consider the great American novel, and filmed this right-ing of Herman Melville, with the aid of fellow author Megan Mackie:

Item 201: From Spider-Man’s web shooters to Batman’s ability to brood and spend money, if comic books have taught us anything, it’s that what makes us unique is what makes us super. But not everyone has internalized the message. Without being self-deprecating, identify one trait, offbeat skill, or feature about yourself that, properly applied, could be the origin of your new superperson identity. It can’t be an existing superhero in culture. Create a poster that showcases your superperson identity and what your flaw or feature-turned-superpower is. You may use Photoshop for this one.

I didn’t really need much editing on this, because I had a convenient image that summed up my superpower, to wit, writing: the cover art for Without a License. I just needed a superhero name….

201 -- superhero identity

Item 203: Before he was an Assbutt, our 2019 GISH Mascot was an Asserpillar. Illustrate or create a page from the award-winning children’s book The Very Hungry Asserpillar. (As you know from reading the book, each page features an important life lesson or moral, so make sure yours does, too.)

Wrenn put this together, based on The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and providing a very GISH-y message.

203 Veryhungryasspillar

And finally, item 206: Spoiler alert! Nobody has time to really sit down and read anymore. So, bring the stories to them. Recreate major plot points of classic books by acting them out at your local library. But in deference to library ‘rules’, you must be silent, so you’re going to have to use interpretive dance on this one.

Once again, we went with Moby-Dick, in this case because I had a handy prop, to wit, a stuffie of the blue whale from the American Museum of Natural History (along with a J. Jonah Jameson action figure, a chopstick, and some twine). We filmed at our local branch of the New York Public Library.

GISH is always great fun. We weren’t able to do as much as we would have liked due to my travel schedule (though I did item 159 at Tampa Bay Comic Con), but it was fun as always.


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