three years in our lovely home


My Facebook memories are currently filled with stuff from three years ago when Wrenn and I moved into our current home.

Late July 2016 when we got the notice that our lease was being terminated was a horrid, awful, miserable day in the moment. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise (though it was a really really really really good disguise….). While I miss our old neighborhood a lot, I like our new neighborhood quite a bit.

And I can’t say enough good things about our home. Our previous place was a decent apartment. This is a great place that’s part of a house with tons of natural light, plenty of closet space, a huge living room/dining room that’s great for entertaining, lots of room, and it’s on two floors, so we can be together or avoid each other as needs be. In particular, we’ve got a big room for our joint office.

Dale loved it here, and I’m only sorry he didn’t live longer to enjoy it even more. And Matt has been a welcome, joyous part of our home as well. Plus, we have the sweetest, kindest landlords you could ask for. And we’re only 250 feet away from my parents’ place, which has proven to be the best thing for all of us. And we have wonderful downstairs neighbors who have done a lovely job of fixing up the house, particularly the back yard.

On the one hand, I’m amazed it’s been three years already. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve lived here forever. It’s a wonderful home, and I’m so happy we found it.

(Picture taken by me of Geoffrey the Giraffe, riding shotgun in the U-Haul during the move.)

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