on sale now: Batman: Quotes from Gotham City


On sale today is Batman: Quotes from Gotham City, one of Insight Editions’s Tiny Books, in this case full of quotations by and about the Dark Knight Detective from his long comics history. (The quotes are only from comic books, not TV shows or movies.) While I’m not credited, I’m the one who compiled the quotes for Insight Editions. It was tremendous fun to put together.

You can get the itty-bitty slipcased hardcover from your local bookstore or order it online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Indie Bound.

And it really is tiny, too. Here’s one of my contributor’s copies next to a regular-sized coffee mug for scale…….

Batman Quotes from Gotham City

My one disappointment is that they didn’t include my all-time favorite Bat-quote, which is from Suicide Squad #10, written by John Ostrander:

Amanda Waller: “Don’t know where you think you’re going, Batman. Place is sealed tighter’n a drum.”

Batman: “Shall I tell you how many sealed drums I’ve escaped from, Mrs. Waller?”

But it got cut. Oh, well….


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