a great review of Alien: Isolation


Every once in a while, as an author you get a review that makes you punch the air and say, “Yes! They got it! Woo!”

This is one such: Amy Walker of the Trans Scribe book review blog reviewed Alien: Isolation, and she totally got what I was going for.

An excerpt:

Decandido doesn’t just build this new backstory, but has the difficult job of condensing down the whole game-play scenario into a story that wont leave readers bored. Whilst walking through countless corridors for hours on end worked for the game, thanks in large part to the massive levels of tension the game built, it wasn’t going to make an entertaining read. Thankfully, the books narrative is able to capture a lot of this atmosphere, and hits all of the major beats of the game.

This doesn’t just include the big story moments, which of course would be included, but little things like the scrawled graffiti players find on the walls, Amanda making smoke-bombs out of scrap materials, and having to collect tools to progress through the station. Sometimes game adaptations can feel like poor novels as the writers work hard to include as much of the game-play experience as they can. I found this to be true in the Resident Evil novel series, where the game adaptations were not quite as good as the stories that the writer was able to craft themselves. Thankfully, this kind of thing didn’t happen here, largely thanks to the inclusion of all of the backstory segments.

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