Short Treks: “Q & A”


Short Treks is back with a look at Spock’s first day on the Enterprise, wherein he and Number One get stuck in a turbolift for far longer than either is comfortable with. Three of the best things about Discovery season 2 — Ethan Peck’s Spock, Anson Mount’s Pike, and especially Rebecca Romijn’s Number One — are highlighted in this new short, and we get the triumphant return of Shouty Spock! My review at the link….

An excerpt:

What I particularly love about “Q & A” is that Michael Chabon’s script leans into the early-draft versions of the characters that we saw in “The Cage,” as well as the early episodes of the original series, and into the fact that Number One and Spock are actually very similar characters.

The former is hilariously called back to when Spock first beams aboard and is practically screaming his dialogue, and Number One has to tell him that there’s no need to shout. Shouty Spock is one of the more hilarious aspects of the character that Nimoy abandoned after a few episodes, but we got a lot of it, not only in the two pilots, but also in the first couple episodes of season one of the series.

As for the latter, that is accomplished by having the two characters repeatedly say the same thing at the same time, from technobabble to Spock’s signature word (“Fascinating”).

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