my Capclave schedule


In the 1990s, I was a regular guest at Disclave, which was a Washington D.C.-area-based SF convention that was held over Memorial Day weekend. Then a thing happened in 1997, and Disclave was forced to discontinue, ceding Memorial Day to Balticon and eventually reforming as the much-smaller-scale Capclave, held in October.

Capclave has been trying to get me to be there since it started in 2001 and eighteen years later, they’ve finally succeeded. (Among other things, it’s often been the same weekend as New York Comic-Con, which has created a conflict…) I will be there this coming weekend in Rockville, Maryland.

Here’s my schedule:


6-7pm: “Mystery Crossovers,” w/Beth Brenner, Gordon Linzner, Jean Marie Ward, and Martha Wells (Washington Theater)

10-11pm: “Books v. Hollywood,” w/Thomas Holtz, David Keener, Barbara Krasnoff, and Will McIntosh (Eisenhower)

11pm-midnight: “Eye of Argon Reading,” w/Hildy Silverman, Ian Randal Strock, and Michael A. Ventrella (Washington Theater)


12-1pm: “Points of View,” w/Sarah Avery, Barbara Krasnoff, Karlo Yeager Rodriguez, and Fran Wilde (Eisenhower)

7-8pm: “Battlefield Writing,” w/Day al-Mohamed, Bjorn Hassler, Mike McPhail, and Allen L. Wold (Monroe)

10-11pm: “Why Superheroes? Why Now?” w/Jim Freund, David Keener, and Hildy Silverman (Truman)


12-1pm: reading (Wilson)

2-3pm: “Authorial Intent and Rewriting Canon,” w/Kelly E. Dwyer, Natalie Luhrs, K.M. Sparza, and Martha Wells (Washington Theater)


Hope to see folks there! When I’m not on programming, I am likely to be at the eSpec Books table in the dealer room selling and signing things……

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