I never could get the hang of Thursdays…


Sorry I haven’t been blogging much. Haven’t been talking much online, honestly. This blog, my Facebook page, and my Twitter feed have mostly been announcements, links, wishing people happy birthday, and retweeting stuff. I’ve been obscenely overworked, but I haven’t been talking about it much, as very little of it is ready for public consumption. I’ve been working on two collaborations (a medical thriller with a doctor, and a military SF novel with David Sherman), I’ve been working on some RPG writing (I hope I can announce that one soon), I’ve been working on the game tie-in here and there, plus my regular gig writing for Tor.com, and my karate responsibilities (which have included three hours a week working with the people going for their black belt promotion, which started last night, so that, at least, is one small thing off my plate).

Today, I have to:

  • write the final 1000 words of that RPG project
  • pack for Capclave
  • teach my usual Thursday karate class
  • buy cat food so the cats don’t starve while we’re in DC
  • buy some other stuff we need to take with us for the weekend
  • do the rewatch of Captain America: Civil War
  • at least start putting together the packages for the Mermaid Precinct Kickstarter as I finally have the books and packing stuff all together, I just need to spend some time (which I have so much of!) putting the packages together

So, y’know, nice quiet day………………..


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