I’m’na be at GalaxyCon Louisville this weekend!


From 22-24 November 2019, I will be at my penultimate convention of the year, GalaxyCon Louisville at the Kentucky International Convention Center in the home of baseball bats. I’ll be most at Bard’s Tower, Booth 1140 on the exhibitor floor, alongside fellow word-slingers Megan Mackie, Weston Kincaide, and Shannon Eichorn.

In addition, I’ll be on three panels with my fellow Tower denizens, all of which will be in Panel Room L006 in the convention center:


4.15-5.05pm: “Fantasy Worlds & Writing: World Building for Professional and Aspiring Writers,” also with J. Michael Straczynski


1.15-2.05pm: “Playing in the Sandbox: Writing in Shared or Other Universes”


3-3.50pm: “Professionalism for Aspiring Writers”

I should have copies of Alien: Isolation, the “Precinct” books, A Furnace Sealed, my Supernatural novels, and Star Trek: Tales of the Dominion War (plus possibly some others) for sale at the Tower, and you can always bring stuff to me to sign.

Hope to see folks there!


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