Across the Universe now available for preorder!

Now available for preorder: Across the Universe: Tales of Alternate Beatles, edited by Michael A. Ventrella & Randee Dawn, coming out next month from the fine folks at Fantastic Books. The anthology reprints two classic alternate takes on the Fab Four, Spider Robinson’s “Rubber Soul” and Gregory Benford’s “Doing Lennon,” plus new stories by Matthew F. Amati, Eric Avedissian, Patrick Barb, Charles Barouch, Pat Cadigan, Brenda W. Clough, Gregory Frost, David Gerrold, Alan Goldsher, Sally Wiener Grotta, Carol Gyzander, Gordon Linzner, Gail Z. Martin, R. Jean Mathieu, Jody Lynn Nye, Beth W. Patterson, Cat Rambo, Kenneth Schneyer, Christian H. Smith, Allen M. Steele, Bev Vincent, Lawrence Watt-Evans, and me!

My story “Used To Be” — which takes place in the Dragon Precinct universe — will be joining this very illustrious company, and introduces us to the Fabulous Foursome, a group of adventurers in Flingaria, Jahn the bard, Paol the wizard, Gyorg the cleric of Rish, and Starki the barbarian.

The anthology already got raves from both Library Journal and Publishers Weekly, and now you can preorder the trade paperback or the hardcover from Amazon or Barnes & Noble! (EDITED TO ADD: the book is out now, so the links below are now ordering links, and the eBook editions are available as well.)

Check it out!

Oh, and we’ll be doing a group reading at Brooklyn Commons as the December New York Review of Science Fiction reading on the 3rd of December! If you’re in NYC then, come on by! Co-editor Randee and publisher Ian Randal Strock will be there, and I know for sure that I will be there, as will several of the contributors. Hopefully it will be even more successful than the group reading we did at Philcon earlier this month (picture below).


L.-r.: Eric Avedissian, Michael A. Ventrella, Randee Dawn, Sally Wiener Grotta, Charles Barouch, Carol Gyzander, Gordon Linzner, Gregory Frost, and me

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