Across the Universe book launch!


Across the Universe: Tales of Alternate Beatles is now on sale from Fantastic Books!

To celebrate this occasion, we had a reading at Brooklyn Commons, which was this month’s New York Review of Science Fiction reading, hosted by Jim Freund and curated by the book’s co-editor Randee Dawn.

Publisher Ian Randal Strock was there selling books, and the readers included Sally Weiner Grotta (“The Truth Within”), Carol Gyzander (“Deal with the Devil”), Gordon Linzner (“The Hey Team”), Charles Barouch (“The Perfect Bridge”), me (“Used to Be”), Randee (who read from Matthew F. Amati’s story “Apocalypse Rock”), and Ian (who read from Spider Robinson’s “Rubber Soul”).

A wonderful time was had by all. The livestream of the event can be found on the Brooklyn Commons Facebook page (it’s in two parts, uploaded on 3 December 2019).

Here are some pictures, which are by me except where otherwise indicated…..


There was cake! Randee always does good cake….



Here are the authors, the co-editor, and the publisher with the cake! L.-r.: Charles Barouch, Carol Gyzander, Gordon Linzner, Ian Randal Strock, Randee Dawn, Sally Weiner Grotta, and Keith R.A. DeCandido (that’s me). Photo by Elizabeth Crowens.



Carol Gyzander reading.



Charles Barouch reading.



Gordon Linzner reading.



Ian Randal Strock reading Spider Robinson.



Ian Randal Strock selling books. Photo by Elizabeth Crowens.



Jim Freund introducing the event.



Me reading. Photo by Nick Kaufmann.



Randee Dawn hosting the event.



Randee Dawn reading Matthew F. Amati.



All the readers. L.-r.: Gordon Linzner, Carol Gyzander, Randee Dawn, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Ian Randal Strock (being incredibly dignified), Charles Barouch, and Sally Weiner Grotta. Photo by Elizabeth Crowens.



Sally Weiner Grotta reading.


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