a nice review of Breakdowns


Over on Twitter, Justin Oser — among other things, the co-host of the Literary Treks podcast — has been reviewing the Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers collections. Originally published from 2000-2007 as a monthly series of eBooks, the S.C.E. series was co-created and edited by me, and it’s my second proudest editorial achievement in my career on that side of the desk (right after the Marvel novels).

In 2001, David Mack wrote Wildfire, which was a major upheaval of the status quo, with many character deaths, including one of the main characters. The next four eBooks dealt with the immediate aftermath of that event, focusing on individual characters, ending with Breakdowns, my look at the two primary characters in the series, Captain David Gold (an original character created for the series, and I admit my favorite Starfleet captain) and Commander Sonya Gomez (a character who first appeared as an ensign on The Next Generation, in the episodes “Q Who” and “Samaritan Snare”).

Justin just reviewed the collection that includes all four of the aftermath stories I mentioned, and here’s what he had to say about Breakdowns:





Thanks, Justin! This seriously made my morning………………

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