Tuesday’s dead

This past weekend was a delight, if exhausting. Saturday was our annual Twelfth Night party, which was a huge success, despite a large number of people cancelling at the last minute due to illness. (This cold that’s going around is brutal. My parents have all had it, and Wrenn has it right now.) Even with that, though, we had thirty people over the course of the afternoon and evening, the party itself lasting about 11 hours all together. There was yummy food, good drinks, fantabulous desserts, and great conversation. Everyone had a great time.

The prep was tiring, though, as Wrenn, as I said above, has The Cold that’s going around, so most of the physical work of getting the house ready for company fell on me. But it was worth it. It was especially fun to see friends of ours from different aspects of our lives come together and meet and enjoy each others’ company.


Then Sunday morning was our dojo’s annual Kagami Biraki. I’ve talked about the traditional new year’s workout on this blog before, and this year’s was just as awesome, with about forty people once again, ranging from white belt to fifth-degree black belt, with people from ages 12 to 65. It was a good start to what should be an excellent year at the dojo, as (among other things) we’ve got a big international tournament happening at the end of June. I’ll be talking about that a bit more closer to the event.

Sunday afternoon, I was the guest speaker at the monthly meeting of the U.S.S. Avenger Star Trek fan club. It was a small, but enthusiastic crowd, who asked really good questions and enjoyed my reading. (I read a bit from the 1969 portion of my Supernatural novel Heart of the Dragon.) I even sold a few books!

Monday was recovery, relaxation, and finishing the final great superhero movie rewatch piece, which is on Joker.

Today has been the prep for the world’s worst 50th birthday present: a colonoscopy! My first doctor’s appointment after I turned 50 last April included my GP telling me that it was time for this, and she gave me a referral. This was the earliest I could get, amazingly enough. (It was so long between setting it up and it happening that I’ve changed insurance in the interim…) I’ve spent the day subsisting on chicken broth, ginger ale, black coffee, and the gunk you have to drink to get, ah, cleaned out. I’m almost done with the latter as I type this, and man is it awful.

With luck, everything will come out okay (…sorry…) tomorrow, and all will be well.

See y’all on the other side!


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