Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Phage”


We get our second recurring antagonist, the Vidiians, who introduce themselves to Voyager by stealing Neelix’s lungs. This is followed by endless flying through a rock, Neelix being stupidly jealous, and the EMH slapping Paris. The Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch suffers from the “Phage.”

An excerpt:

Which brings us nicely to the biggest problem with this episode, and the entire premise of the Vidiians, unfortunately: what about prosthetics? Why can’t they use artificial organs and limbs? Aside from one brief mention by the EMH about Neelix early in the episode, the notion of artificial replacements never really comes up. Well, except for the holographic lungs, which is actually a very clever use of the existing holotechnology. But still, the lack of prosthetics as an option for the Vidiians is a major flaw, especially when we’re talking about a species that has medical technology way in excess of what the Federation has.

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