nifty new Kickstarter: Bad Ass Moms


Crazy 8 Press has a new anthology that’s up on Kickstarter: Bad Ass Moms, which is a collection of short stories about, well, bad-ass Moms! A very nifty collection of authors is set to write stories about Moms who kick butt, including:

  • Danielle Ackley-McPhail
  • Derek Tyler Attico
  • T. Eric Bakutis
  • Russ Colchamiro
  • Paige Daniels
  • Kathleen O’Shea David
  • Peter David
  • Michael Jan Friedman
  • Robert Greenberger
  • Glenn Hauman
  • Heather E. Hutsell
  • Kris Katzen
  • Paul Kupperberg
  • Karissa Laurel
  • Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali
  • TJ Perkins
  • Aaron Rosenberg
  • Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg
  • Joanna Schnurman
  • Hildy Silverman
  • Denise Sutton

Some of the above are bad-ass Moms their own selves, too!

If you want to see my name added to that list, the anthology has to get to its stretch goal! The anthology funding goal is $4500 (as I type this, it’s at $1126, so at about a quarter of the way there so far), and if it reaches $5000, I will also contribute a story!

So please go and support this anthology, because the world needs more bad-ass Moms, dadgummit!


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