Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Ex Post Facto”


Paris is accused of murdering an alien with a really ridiculous hairdo, and also of sleeping with the murdered man’s wife. Paris protests his innocence, and it’s up to Tuvok to prove it. The Star Trek: Voyager has mixed feelings about “Ex Post Facto.”

An excerpt:

As a police procedure junkie in general, and also a fan of the character of Tuvok, I love the episode. It’s a good use of twenty-fourth-century technology as part of an investigation, from the insertion of memory engrams as punishment to the ARA analysis (which, of course, only proves that Paris believes he’s telling the truth). I also like that the main reason why the doctor (and why the hell wasn’t he given a name?) was almost able to get away with it is because he could not possibly have known that there was someone on Voyager who was telepathic. Only Paris saw the images, and he assumed the text was part of the process (hell, I assumed it was some kind of status update or other when we first saw it in the teaser), and most people don’t notice relative heights. (Points to director LeVar Burton, who avoided showing Paris and Lidell standing straight next to each other until the climactic gather-the-suspects scene.) Only Tuvok’s hyper-observational nature saved the day.

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