I’m’na be at Pensacon!


This coming weekend, I will be in Pensacola, Florida for Pensacon 2020, which is my first Bard’s Tower con of the year. There’ll be a ton of folks with me at the tower: Brian Anderson, Kevin J. Anderson, Jim Butcher, Michelle Cori, Phil Foglio, Charles E. Gannon, JB Garner, Andrew E. Gaska, Marion G. Harmon, Kevin Ikenberry, Megan Mackie, and Jody Lynn Nye.

I’ll also be doing a panel on “Heroes and Villains as Opposing Philosophies” with Mr. Gannon, which ought to be a blast. That’ll be Sunday at 5.15pm, so hopefully people will still be at the show then………….

There’ll be tons of other guests there, too, so come on by if you’re in Pensacola this weekend!

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