Star Trek: Picard‘s “Broken Pieces”


We finally get some revelations! We find out how the Zhat Vash got started, who is behind the attack on Mars, why Rios is so messed up, and on top of that, Jurati is outed as a murderer, Seven of Nine kicks some ass, and someone tells Picard to shut the fuck up. My review of Star Trek: Picard‘s latest, “Broken Pieces.”

An excerpt:

Cabrera plays all six roles he has in this episode beautifully, from the Scots silliness of the engineer to the hung over exhaustion of the pilot to nerdy enthusiasm of the navigator. But for the first time, Rios himself feels like a more complete character, his rakish behavior hiding tremendous pain and suffering.

It’s also his ship, through and through. He claims he chose the self-image option on the emergency holograms by accident, but he’s never changed it, either. But the best part is when Soji takes over the ship to take it to her homeworld, and Rios is able to take control back by singing his mother’s favorite lullaby, “Arroz con Leche,” which triggers a failsafe. I have to say that the moment when Rios starts singing and then takes down the force field Soji put up to be one of the most delightful moments in Star Trek history. (Says Rios of his mother: “She didn’t like other people playing with her things, either.”)

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