another nice review of my Ferenginar short novel!


The latest installment of Alvaro Zinos-Amaro’s Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Reread, which has been going through the various post-finale DS9 novels, has reached the Worlds of DS9 miniseries, and this week he got to my part in it, Ferenginar: Satisfaction is Not Guaranteed, which appeared in Volume 3 alongside David R. George III’s Dominion tale (which he’ll review next week). Best part is that Alvaro really liked it, even though he’s not a huge fan of Ferengi episodes. Yay me!

An excerpt:

This novel passes the basic litmus test I mentioned earlier of being engaging even without its comedic frills, and I’m impressed by how DeCandido was able to compensate for the lack of actors channeling this material through his writing skills. Thankfully, he also refrains from making any of our protagonists dolts, the way that Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe sometimes did. Is this as thought-provoking and meaty as the previous novels in this mini-series? No. But a change of pace was welcome.

Check it out!

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