talkin’ the Mirror Universe on Sci-Fi Diner


The latest episode of the Sci-Fi Diner podcast is now live, and episode #381 is a recording of a panel that I participated in at Farpoint 2020 last month, in which we talked about Star Trek‘s Mirror Universe. Introduced in the original series’ “Mirror, Mirror,” and seen again in several episodes of Deep Space Nine, Enterprise, and Discovery, not to mention a ton of novels, short stories, and comic books, we talk about the world where the good guys are bad guys, the Vulcans have goatées, and the uniforms are outlandish.

The panel is moderated by Kyle Williamson, who cosplays as Q, and also does the Fandom Spotlite podcast. He’s joined by me (who’s written twice in the MU, the Voyager MU short novel The Mirror-Scaled Serpent in Obsidian Alliances, and the short story “Family Matters” in Shards and Shadows), Sci-Fi Diner podcast cohost Miles McLoughlin, and Royce Essig of the web series Dark Operations: Terminus.

Check it out!

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