irons in the fire update


Writing fiction has proven difficult since this whole coronavirus thing came crashing down on us. I’ve written all of 179 words of fiction in the last week and a half. And I’ve got two projects I’ve been behind on for months, and I’m now even more behind, and ARRRRGH!

Anyhow, I’m doing one of these for the first time in forever, mostly to keep myself honest.

To Hell and RegroupThis collaboration with David Sherman on the final book of his “18th Race” trilogy is almost done. I have a couple of chapters to go, then I can finally get it out the door. Originally this was to debut at Balticon, but that con has obviously been cancelled. How-some-ever, there should be a Kickstarter for this soonish, and it will be published by eSpec Books.

Collaborative thrillers. Still seeking a publisher for the first of these. I’m most of the way through the second one — another one I should’ve finished ages ago. Sigh. This timeline sucks.

“Materfamilias.” My story for Bad Ass Moms, which needs to be done — well, now, but will be done, um, soon. Sigh.

“The Gorvangin Rampages” and “Ragnarok and a Hard Place.” These two stories — which you can still support on Indie GoGo and get cool rewards! — are next on the docket after the above three are done.

Bram Gold Book 2. I have a plot for the sequel to A Furnace Sealed, but not a title yet. My working title is Life from Lifelessness, but my publisher convinced me that it was a lousy title for a novel. (He didn’t have to work very hard to convince me, mind you.) Anyhow, that needs to be written.

Phoenix PrecinctThe next Precinct book also has a plot, and just needs me to write it.

Gaming tie-in. This project has been going on for almost two years now, and still hasn’t been released yet, as everyone wants everything to be just right. I’ve written drafts of the first two installments, and am waiting for more feedback from the game company on both that and on the outline for the third. This is both the benefit and frustration with coordination among multiple tie-ins (there are several other projects connected to this game, and they’re all to be consistent with each other), as there are constant adjustments due to changes in other aspects. Kudos to the game folks for keeping all the balls in the air…

“Journalistic Integrity.” This story for the third volume of the Pangaea shared-world anthology is all done and revised to the editor’s specifications, and the book should be out, um, soon from Crazy 8 Press.

The Subterranean Blue Grotto Guide to Batman ’66I contributed an essay to the first volume of this series, ZLONK! ZOK! ZOWIE!, which will be out very shortly. My piece is about “Fine Feathered Finks”/”The Penguin’s a Jinx,” the inaugural Penguin episode, in which I focus primarily on that episode’s lampooning of the still-relatively-new-in-1966 concept of prison reform. I’m scheduled to write another essay for the second volume, BIFF! BAM! EE-YOW! Just as Z!Z!Z! covered season one, B!B!E! will cover season two.

Patreon stuff. I’m very far behind on the vignettes and on the TV and movie reviews for Patreon. Once I’m done with the two novels that are almost done, I plan to do a ton of content in that regard. stuff. Still doing two Voyager rewatch entries per week. With Picard ending, I’ve only got one more piece to do — the first-season overview — and then nothing else specifically scheduled for Tor beyond Voyager until Discovery season 3 starts, though I have some vague ideas for possible standalone articles.

I think that’s everything. For now…..


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