Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: “Twisted”


What happens when you take a nifty premise that has the potential for lots of surreal niftiness? Well, if you’re Star Trek: Voyager, apparently what you do is make it the most boring episode ever. Go fig’. The Voyager Rewatch gets “Twisted” again, like we did last summer……

An excerpt:

What a tiresome slog of an episode. It’s maddening, because the basic story here has so many possibilities, and we get precisely none of them. The crew approaches the scientifically impossible rearranging of the ship’s innards with absolutely no sense of urgency or concern or confusion. They just sort of wander the corridors and then wander the corridors some more and then go back to the holodeck, because of course, we have to make sure the holodeck is functioning normally.

Or, rather, just abnormally enough so that we can keep amortizing the cost of the bar set. Sigh.

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