KRAD COVID readings #9-10: “Under the King’s Bridge” and “We Seceded Where Others Failed”

I’ve put up two more KRAD COVID readings the last couple of days.

#9 is “Under the King’s Bridge,” the story that introduced the Adventures of Bram Gold, in the 2011 anthology Liar Liar, which is all stories about lies and lying. The novel A Furnace Sealed and its forthcoming sequels (as well as my upcoming story in Bad Ass Moms) also take place in this urban fantasy setting.

#10 is “We Seceded Where Others Failed,” from the 2016 alternate-history anthology Altered States of the Union, which is all stories about different versions of the United States. In my changed America, the Conch Republic of the Florida Keys declared independence in 1925 over Prohibition, and they’re having issues in 1982 (when the story takes place) over people being stopped at Florida City and searched for illegal drugs (which actually happened in our time and led to the not-at-all-serious formation of the Conch Republic).

Check them out! And subscribe to the channel!

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