even more “Stories for Shut-Ins: Author Reading Series from Across the Universe

We’ve got a whole mess more author readings from Across the Universe: Tales of Alternate Beatles. Anthology co-editor Randee Dawn has been putting up various authors reading their stories in this collection, starting with me, and continuing to Brenda Clough, Bev Vincent, Charles Barouch, and Gordon Linzner.

Here’s a bunch more:

Patrick Barb reading “When I’m #64”:

Beth Patterson reading “Cayenne”:

Sally Wiener Grotta reading “The Truth Within”:

Carol Gyzander reading “Deal with the Devil”:

More are due soon, including Jody Lynn Nye reading “A New Beginning,” scheduled for tomorrow. Check out Randee’s index page for the readings here! And if you like what you hear, please consider buying the book, edited by Randee and Michael A. Ventrella and published by the fine and fair folks at Fantastic Books!


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