KRAD COVID readings #12: “Letter from Guadalajara”

My latest KRAD COVID reading is one of my favorite stories of mine: “Letter from Guadalajara,” which was in the 2011 anthology More Tales of Zorro. My story told the secret origin of Captain Monastario, the military commander of the Pueblo of Los Angeles in the Spanish colony of Alta California and also Zorro’s primary nemesis. This story came to me rather all at once, and kind of jumped out and wrote itself down in a single three-hour sitting, a rarity.

Please do check it out, and consider subscribing to the YouTube channel!

3 thoughts on “KRAD COVID readings #12: “Letter from Guadalajara”

  1. As a Monastario fan, I can’t even say how thankful I am to you first for writing this story and then for recording an audiobook! When I discovered your video yesterday, I’d have squealed with joy if it hadn’t been really late and if the rest of the house hadn’t been asleep 😉
    The story is excellent. You’ve captured Monastario’s personality and his interactions with Garcia so well. There were at least several moments when I laughed at capitan’s sarcastic and mean remarks. I’ve also enjoyed learning the past you gave him. It all fits with who he has become. It was both very interesting and heartbreaking to discover what shaped him. Your story made me feel and this is what I generally want from stories. 🙂 And it was a pleasure to hear you reading! I like the voices you chose for the characters, especially for the captain.
    I’d like to ask you a question if I can. You see, I was under the impression that although Zorro is in public domain, Monastario belongs to Disney as he appeared for the first time in their TV series. How did you manage to publish a story about him? I’m very interested in this aspect because I’m also writing a story about Monastario and my, I’d love to publish it one day, I just didn’t believe it to be possible!

    • Zorro, to the best of my knowledge, is NOT public domain. Zorro Productions controls the IP, and they had to approve all the stories in TALES OF ZORRO and MORE TALES OF ZORRO (as well as things like Isabel Allende’s novel). Anyhow, Monastario appeared in many of the other stories in the two Moonstone Books anthologies in question…

      I’m glad you liked the story so much!

      —Keith R.A. DeCandido

      • Thanks so much for your answer and correcting my wrong beliefs. More stories with Monastario? I’ll be sure to get these two books! 🙂
        Can you share a little bit more about your experience with writing for this anthology (than you’ve already said in the video)? I mean, how they contacted you? Have you done any activities connected with Zorro before which may have led them to you? I’m so curious how to become a part of such an amazing project!

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