I say it’s my birthday


On this day 51 years ago, at 3.28pm, I was born in the Bronx. My mother always jokes that she remembers the day I was born like it was last week, and then pauses dramatically and amends the statement to say that she remembers it better than last week.

I’ve had good birthdays and bad birthdays. Some of the best were my 15th, which was in Venice, my 28th, which was a great surprise party, my 30th, which was a huge-ass party, my 40th, which was spent at the Bronx Zoo and my favorite restaurant, my 41st, which was at the first-ever C2E2 and which had a great night before at Kingston Mines, and my 50th, which was truly a year-long celebration.

Then there was the worst prior to this, which was my 47th, which was the day of my grandmother’s funeral, and then this one. It actually turned out better than it could have, given that there’s a global pandemic and we have been stuck in the house mostly permanently.

But we’ve made the best of it. I got to speak on the phone to all those I love the most, and Wrenn and I have been bingeing Slings and Arrows — which is a superb show — and she also made me a fantastic dinner of green tea smoked duck breast, rice, and green beans, washed down with a superlative Chianti. (Pictured above.)

I have received a shit-ton of birthday wishes by phone, e-mail, text, Facebook (both posts and over Messenger), and Twitter. Thank you all so very much for that — I’ve always said I have the best friends, the best fans, and the best family in the whole entire world, and today in particular has proven it. Seeing the outpouring of love from people despite everything that’s going on has made this day worthwhile, despite everything.

Love you all. Stay safe, please.


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