double crowdfund now a triple crowdfund, with more to come!


We’ve been making tremendous progress on what is now a triple crowdfund for To Hell and Regroup by myself and David Sherman (final book in David’s “18th Race” trilogy of military SF novels) and two SF thrillers by Christopher L. Bennett, Arachne’s Crime and Arachne’s Exile.

That’s right, we’ve hit the $3000 stretch goal that turns this into a triple, as eSpec Books will now produce both of Christopher’s “Arachne” novels. Thank you all so very much!

If you pledged before we hit that threshold, now’s the chance to adjust your pledge (or take an add-on) so you can get this third book as well, if you want. If you haven’t pledged, there are lots of cool rewards beyond three great SF novels.

Right now, everyone who’s pledged $5 or more gets the following bonuses:

  • my two short stories “House Hunting” and “Alien Invasion of Earth!”
  • “Vein Glory” by Christopher L. Bennett
  • “Slow and Steady” by John L. French
  • “Child of the Wood” by Jeff Young
  • In a Flash, a collection of flash fiction by Christopher Burke

On top of that, the first 15 backers will get a copy of The Die is Cast, a short-story collection by Danielle Ackley-McPhail & Mike McPhail; the first 50 backers will get a copy of Devil Dancers by Robert E. Waters; and the first 100 backers will get a copy of my short-story collection Without a License. If we hit 175 backers (we’re at 108 as I type this), those 175 will get a copy of my Afro-futurist novel Guilt in Innocence.

Plus there are optional add-ons: a (very very rare) print copy of David Sherman’s “DemonTech” novel Get Her Back!; Jeffrey Lyman’s “The Fall of Autumn,” “Lord of Fire,”
“Lord of Wind,” and “The Troll King”; James Daniel Ross’s “Not One Word,” “Revestak,” “The Oath,” “The Nature of Mercy,” and “A Different Kind of Courage,” all part of his Radiation Angels series; and copies of various eSpec Books titles.

And we’ve got lots of stretch goals still to come!

  • at $3600, Christopher will write a new “Arachne” story, “Comfort Zones,” exclusive to this crowdfund
  • at $3800, eSpec will publish a new edition of David’s Get Her Back!, the fourth “DemonTech” book, which is currently out of print (the first three are still available from Random House)
  • at $4000, this becomes a quadruple crowdfund, as a new short story collection by Jeff Young will be added
  • at $4400, eSpec will produce a custom patch for the “18th Race” trilogy
  • at $6000, eSpec will produce hardcover omnibus editions of both the entire “18th Race” trilogy and the two books in the “Arachne” duology

This is all great stuff, so please, consider pledging (even if it’s only a dollar, every little bit helps), and if you can’t pledge in these difficult times, please consider boosting the signal to other folks. Thanks so much.

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