I hate this

I’ve generally tried to keep my public face as it usually is, happy and friendly and such.

But these days, that has proven a harder façade to maintain.

I hate this pandemic.

I hate that our federal government has utterly failed in every possible way to lead us during this pandemic, and indeed has made things worse, and every indication is that they will make it even worse than that.

I hate that anyone in their right mind — hell, that anyone in their wrong mind — would ever vote for Donald Trump.

I hate the Electoral College, which I have thought was stupid since I first learned about it at the age of eight, and the 43 years since have only reinforced my belief that it’s idiotic and outmoded and wrong and counter to its purpose.

I hate that I can’t see anyone I love who doesn’t actually live in this house.

I hate that I can’t hug my mother, even though she lives just down the block.

I hate that I can’t teach my kids.

I hate our President. I hate our Vice President. I hate the Senate Majority Leader. I hated them before, but I hate them a lot more now.

I hate that every day I hear about someone I know or a friend or relative of someone I know or someone a member of my immediate circle knows has died from COVID-19-related complications. Today it was one of Wrenn’s former teachers.

I hate this.


3 thoughts on “I hate this

  1. I hate this. I had been coping, I thought, until the last time you dropped something off for us at the back door and I couldn’t hug you and I almost had a screaming fit right there. Thank you though, for writing it down and letting us see.

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