….and we’re done!


The eSpec Books crowdfund that in the end included three novels, two short fiction collections, a new edition of an out-of-print book, two hardcover omnibuses, and a bunch of other cool things has finally come to an end, having hit all the stretch goals, and all but one of the number-of-backers bonuses.

To the 151 of you who supported To Hell and Regroup by me and David Sherman and the “Arachne” duology by Christopher L. Bennett, and the short-fiction collections by Jeff Young and Christopher Burke, THANK YOU!!!!! Especially in these dark times, it’s nice to see that people are still able to support writers and artistic endeavors, which are the kinds of things that are going to help us keep sane right now.

I just read over the last batch of edits of THAR, and I’m quite pleased with the work David and I did. It’s David’s last novel — for various health reasons, he’s cutting back to just short fiction these days, which is why he asked me to collaborate with him on this final book in the “18th Race” trilogy — and I’m glad it’s gotten such great support.

And as one of the people responsible for getting Christopher into Star Trek fiction (when I hired him to write the Starfleet Corps of Engineers novella Aftermath), which is what launched him to prominence as a fictioneer, I’m inordinately proud to have been part of this crowdfund with him to get more of his excellent original work out there.

Thanks again, everyone! Now to get the books out…..


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