Martin Pasko, RIP


The great Martin Pasko has left us.

Marty was a really good guy, one of the grand old writers of the comics field, and also a great writer for the screen. If you watched Batman: The Animated Series in the 1990s, you are familiar with Marty’s work, as he wrote extensively for that great series, and he’s written pretty much every superhero of note at some point or other.

The first time I met Marty was on my birthday in 2008. That was the one year that New York Comic-Con was in April, and at one point on the 18th I found myself at the Del Rey booth in a gaggle of people that also included Steve Saffel (who worked for Del Rey at the time, which is why we were all there), Robert Greenberger, Len Wein, Don DeBrandt, Andrew Pepoy, Paul Kupperberg, KC Carlson, and Marty. Marty was, in fact, the only person in that gaggle that I didn’t already know ahead of time, and I was stunned to learn that Marty actually knew who I was and had at least a passing familiarity with my work. This stunned me, as he’s Marty fucking Pasko, and I’m just some doofy tie-in writer.

We stayed in occasional touch online after that, and occasionally bumped into each other at cons. He was a good guy, an opinionated guy, a clever guy, and a great writer. He apparently died in his sleep, which is probably the first thing he did peacefully in his time on this Earth.

He was a great person, and he will be missed.


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